Thursday, April 2, 2020
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There Is a Dognapper In San Fran

There’s a Dognapper In San Fran

Thieves smashed into this guy's car window, but they didn't steal his cell phone, laptop, or wallet...nope. They went for...the dog?! Source: ABC7
Pet Poodle Snagged By Hawk

Tiny Pet Poodle Snagged By Hawk Was Found…Alive!

This poor 16-year-old Poodle is deaf and blind so just imagine what was going through its head when it was swooped off of its feet into the sky. Luckily the pupper was found the...

Watch out! It’s An OTTER ATTACK!

A 17-year-old girl let her dog out the back door and, BAM! The pup was face to face with an otter....and apparently these little critters are territorial. Source: WIS News10
How Did A Beer Can Help A Family Find Their Missing Dog?

How Did A Beer Can Help A Family Find Their Missing Dog?

A Florida brewery started printing pictures of shelter dogs on their cans to help these pups find their forever homes. So, what happens when a family notices their missing dog is one of the...
Face Pubes

She’s Got Pubes Growing On Her Face

A dog bite + reconstructive cosmetic surgery = pubes growing from your face? Source: E! & Jezebel
stray dog

A Stray Dog Wonders Into His Forever Home

A scared and malnourished pup walked right into a strangers house and that house ended up becoming his forever home. Talk about a lucky pup! Source: New York Post

This Dog Really Loves To Throw Himself Down The Stairs

Dogs. Are. The. Best. Especially this dog, Tank, who likes to throws himself down a set of stairs. Don't worry, Tank is totally fine. Source: New York Post