Idiots for Underdogs is our passion. Join our community to help those in need, or nominate someone who needs help. Together, we can change lives.

The annual Holiday Break-Ins has always been the highlight of our year.  Now the joy is spreading throughout the year with Idiots for Underdogs.

Why Idiots for Underdogs? Well, we’re Idiots and you’re Idiots and together, we can help those dealing with an uphill battle. You know, Underdogs.

Idiots for Underdogs is a 501c3 charity that helps people who may not otherwise get what they need. It’s simply to help those we can with what we have.

IFU is funded by proceeds from Fancy Idiots memberships, official Free Beer & Hot Wings merchandise sales, and donations from fellow Idiots like you.

Thanks for your support. We couldn’t do any of this without you Idiots!

How to Help:

Help us help Underdogs. Here’s how:

  1. Become a Fancy Idiot! Become a member to unlock premium FBHW content and great benefits. Annual membership is just $49.95 per year and is how we get most of the money to help Underdogs.
  2. Order a Vidiot! If you need a group of idiots to put in a good word for you, we’re your crew. We’re making custom videos talking you up, or giving a special shoutout to the person of your choice.
  3. Donate! Give what you can to help Underdogs by clicking here. All donations go directly to help Underdogs and are tax-deductible.
  4. Buy some coffee, bro! Nashville Roast Coffee Company offers FBHW Roasted Bro Coffee beans and K-Cups. Part of the sales from each bag goes to Idiots for Underdogs!

Nashville Roast FBHW Roasted Bro Coffee