00:00 – Our obsession with the song “Walk Like an Egyptian”
15:50 – Let the Coin Decide: The Drunk Boss
29:31 – A boxer taunts his opponent and instant karma knocks him out
39:38 – Around the room, Joe is hard-selling Steve on his used Apple Watch
1:01:28 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:12:14 – A teacher puts administrators in a body bag during his resignation speech
1:22:06 – FBHW Report – Tigers no hitter, kitten saved and takes Uber, bug on back
1:36:38 – Ridiculous Bachelorette contestant job titles, Car guys are the worst Part 1
1:52:31 – Car guys are the worst Part 2
2:03:05 – Around the room
1:11;06 – A coin flip update, FBHW Report – Elevator shaft fall, Foreigner vocals
2:33:04 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:42:02 – Around the room, an email from Anthony the hate listener
2:57:22 – Anthony has responded!, rooster fines, Mets player drilled in the face
3:11:17 – A boxer’s snot bungee, what we learned today
3:22:40 – Local GR: Could the film industry be coming back to Michigan?
3:33:50 – Segment 17: Birthdays, A Cashier’s Prank, A Rogue Tire And Facts Of The Day