1. New science about death
2. Purchase Court: Steve wants to buy a plow
3. What is the opposite of your job?
4. A massive elevator failure, Steve finally has a medical diagnosis
5. Dumber Than Hot Wings Trivia replay
6. And now our new phones don’t work, someone has a beef with Jimmy Kimmel
7. Really, really bad service at a restaurant
8. A roommate’s plan to steal lottery winnings backfired
9. 10 slang terms you should know
10. Joe is on the harmonizer to read confessions, some really creepy stories
11. We’re not sure what to do about Dumber Than The Show Trivia
12. Pond in Tennessee disappeared, Lindsay Lohan attempts to connect with employee
13. Maitlynn’s Kohls Game
14. The trailer for the new Amazon series about Lorena Bobbit
15. A man’s home is flooding with sewage, what we learned today