There are plenty of ways to get fined as a professional athlete, however, this is a new one.

Denver Nuggets rookie, Christian Braun, learned this the hard way when he parked like a turd, taking up three of the team owners’/presidents’ parking spots.

He was about to get dressed when he noticed a piece of paper on his chair, charging him a $15,000 fine.

“The three spots I parked in are Mr. Kroenke’s. Not only did I park in his spot, I parked in all three of them, so it’s $5,000 for each of those executive spots. So I get a $15,000 fine on my chair.”

His argument was that nobody was around at the arena, his car was on, and he was only there for less than five minutes, just long enough to be caught on camera. He ended up getting the fine down to $2,500.