You really can’t win!

But if you do, you’ll pocket a cool $1k.

Congratulations to Gerald, who answered all 5 questions correctly!

All 5 questions and their answers (and explanations) are below the video.

The Questions:

1. Where Has She Gone?
Answer: She’s Gone Country.

Explanation: Alan Jackson’s “Gone Country” tells the story of 3 people who are “going country” and the first verse is all about a girl who decides to pack up and leave for Nashville:

She’s been playin’ in a room on the strip for ten years in Vegas
Every night she looks in the mirror and she only ages
She’s been readin’ about Nashville and all the records that everybody’s buyin’
Says, “I’m a simple girl myself, grew up on Long Island”
So she packs her bags to try her hand
Says this might be my last chance
She’s gone country, look at them boots
She’s gone country, back to her roots
She’s gone country, a new kind of suit
She’s gone country, here she comes

2. Nothing was stolen in this home.
Answer: Sportsman’s Park.

Explanation: In the 1944 World Series, The St. Louis Cardinals played the St. Louis Browns. Sportsman’s Park was the home field for both teams. Neither team stole a base in the entire World Series – the only World Series to date that this has happened.

3. What date is set?
Answer: October 21, 2015.

Explanation: It’s the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to the future in their time machine, the DeLorean, in Stephen Spielberg’s “Back To The Future: Part II.”

The date was carefully chosen for one simple reason: It was a day, theoretically, the Chicago Cubs could win the World Series.

In the movie, Marty McFly notices while time traveling that the Cubs finally win the world series in 2015, and buys a sports almanac so his younger self can make bets and get rich when he returns from the future. But his nemesis, Biff, gets his hands on the almanac and gets rich instead.

“The Cubs winning the World Series was the most absurd thing we could think of [for someone to bet on],” the movie’s producer and screenwriter Bob Gale tells The Wall Street Journal’s Mike Ayers.

“If the Cubs were going to win the World Series, what date would that be on? In 1988, when we wrote this, there was only one set of playoffs, not two. If the World Series was going on and the Cubs were going to sweep the World Series, it could’ve happened on October 21. That’s how we arrived on that day.”

4. When You add it up, it comes to 10,900.
Answer: The total length of the shoreline of the Great Lakes, including the islands, in miles.

5. Ye art the coolest.
Answer: Cary Grant.

Explanation: Ye is Kanye west’s new name. He has a son with Kim Kardashian named North. A famous movie was North By Northwest, which starred Cary Grant. At the time, he was considered the coolest man alive.


Kelly thinks she’s the queen of trivia and put out a challenge: answer her 5 questions correctly and she’ll pay you. She’s so confident that you can’t win, she’s putting up $1,000 of her own cash as a prize.

Yup. Answer 5 questions correctly, and Kelly will give you cash money.

What are the questions?
Kelly will ask one question at a time. When one is answered correctly, the next question will be asked. The questions don’t change, but she won’t reveal the next question until the current question is answered correctly.

How do I play?
Tune in to the show at 7:20 am and listen for the cue to call. When you hear it, call the show at (800) 947-3979 for your chance to play.

What are the requirements to play?
You must be a resident of the United States, over 18 years of age. You can play multiple times.

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Trivia History

Question 5 (Incorrect) Guesses:

  • Friday 11/18/22
    Santa Claus
  • Thursday 11/17/22
    Prospect Creek Camp
  • Wednesday 11/16/22
    Billy Shakespeare
  • Tuesday 11/15/22
    Adam West
  • Monday 11/14/22
    Joe Montana
  • Friday 11/11/22
    Wil Wong Ye
  • Thursday 11/10/22
    Bill Murray
  • Wednesday 11/9/22
    Miles Davis
  • Tuesday 11/8/22
    Kurt Cobain
  • Monday 11/7/22
    Bob Ross
  • Thursday 11/3/22
    Arthur Fonzarelli
  • Wednesday 11/2/22
    Jimi Hendrix
  • Tuesday 11/1/22
    Pete Davidson
  • Monday 10/31/22
    James Dean
  • Friday 10/28/22
    D.B. Cooper
  • Thursday 10/27/22
    Denzel Washington
  • Wednesday 10/26/22
    James Turrel
  • Tuesday 10/25/22
    North West
  • Monday 10/24/22
    Chicago West
  • Friday 10/21/22
    Daniel Moon
  • Thursday 10/20/22
    Lawrence Franklin
  • Wednesday 10/19/22
    Donda West
  • Tuesday 10/18/22
    Heartless by Kanye West
  • Monday 10/17/22
    Rogers Pass, in Montana
  • Friday 10/14/22
    Glacier National Park
  • Thursday 10/13/22
    Antique Roadshow
  • Wednesday 10/12/22
    Jackson Hole, WY in 1933 when it was -66
  • Tuesday 10/11/22
    N-word in Paris – Kanye West Song
  • Monday 10/10/22
    Cold by Kanye West
  • Friday 10/7/22
    Kim & Kanye’s daughter: North West
  • Thursday 10/6/22
    Circus Magazine Interview with Kanye West
  • Wednesday 10/5/22
    Grand Teton’s Where Kanye Recorded His Album
  • Tuesday 10/4/22
    Kanye’s Honorary PHD
  • Monday 10/3/22
    Hey Ya by OutKast when they sing “Ice Cold”
  • Friday 9/30/22
    808/Heartbreaks album cover
  • Wednesday 9/28/22
    View of the Teton Mtn Range on Kanye West’s Album Cover
  • Tuesday 9/27/22
    Snow Angels
  • Monday 9/26/22
  • Friday 9/23/22
    Vostok Station, Antarctica
  • Thursday 9/22/22
    Liu Ye
  • Wednesday 9/21/22
    Kanye West
  • Tuesday 9/20/22
    Kelly Cheese
  • Monday 9/19/22
    William Shakespeare

Question 4 (Incorrect) Guesses:

  • Monday 9/19/22
    Correct Guess!
  • Thursday 9/15/22
    American Discovery Trail
  • Wednesday 9/14/22
    Points Americans beat the English by in a Bridge tournament
  • Tuesday 9/13/22
    Harshad Number
  • Monday 9/12/22
    Inter-core processor

Question 3 (Incorrect) Guesses:

  • Monday 9/12/22
    Correct Guess!
  • Friday 9/9/22
    May 19, 2020
  • Thursday 9/8/22
    International Date Line
  • Wednesday 9/7/22
  • Tuesday 9/6/22
  • Friday 8/26/22
  • Thursday 8/25/22
    October 26, 1985
  • Wednesday 8/24/22
    My new anniversary!
  • Tuesday 8/23/22
  • Monday 8/22/22
    November 5, 1955
  • Thursday 8/18/22
    Free Beer’s wedding day
  • Wednesday 8/17/22
  • Tuesday 8/16/22
    Atomic Clock

Question 2 (Incorrect) Guesses:

  • Tuesday 8/16/22
    Correct Guess!
  • Monday 8/15/22
    Nobody was on base
  • Friday 8/12/22
  • Thursday 8/11/22
    1944 Dodgers Stadium
  • Wednesday 8/10/22
    Meatloaf Song – Paradise By The Dashboard Lights
  • Tuesday 8/9/22
    Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Guardians
  • Monday 8/8/22
    Home field
  • Friday 8/5/22
  • Thursday 8/4/22
    PNC Park home of the Pirates
  • Tuesday 7/26/22
    Home Run
  • Monday 7/25/22
    First Energy Stadium, Home of the Cleveland Browns
  • Thursday 7/21/22
    Home of the brave
  • Wednesday 7/20/22
    The Home of Kevin Brown
  • Tuesday 7/19/22
    The House That Built Me
  • Monday 7/18/22
    The Strong Man’s Home
  • Friday 7/15/22
    Mr. Myrtles House (The Sandlot)
  • Thursday 7/14/22
    Home Plate
  • Wednesday 7/13/22
    Truist Park
  • Tuesday 7/12/22
    House That Ruth Built
  • Monday 7/11/22
    Home Run
  • Friday 7/8/22
    Home Plate
  • Thursday 7/7/22
    Baker Mayfield Town
  • Wednesday 7/6/22
    Home on the range
  • Tuesday 7/5/22
    The White House
  • Friday 6/24/22
    Home Plate
  • Thursday 6/23/22
    Mobile Home
  • Wednesday 6/22/22
    NRG Stadium (home of the Houston Texans)
  • Tuesday 6/21/22
    The House The House of 1,000 Corpses
  • Monday 6/20/22
    The House That Built Me
  • Friday 6/17/22
    Guess: The House of Representatives
  • Thursday 6/16/22
    Guess: The House of the Rising Sun
  • Wednesday 6/15/22
    Guess: The House of Pain
  • Tuesday 6/14/22
    Guess: The White House
  • Monday 6/13/22
    Guess: McCalister House In Home Alone
  • Thursday 6/9/22
    Guess: Because every light in the house is on
  • Wednesday 6/8/22
    Guess: Money
  • Thursday 6/2/22
    Guess: Heaven

Question 1 (Incorrect) Guesses:

  • Monday 9/16/22
    She’s gone!
  • Friday 8/19/22
    She’s gone everywhere
  • Tuesday 6/7/22
    Guess: To The Moon
  • Monday 6/6/22
    Guess: Around The Mountain
  • Friday 6/3/22
    Guess: Heaven
  • Thursday 6/2/22
    Correct Guess!
  • Wednesday 6/1/22
    Guess: Heaven
  • Tuesday 5/31/22
    Guess: Far Away From Me
  • Friday 5/27/22
    Guess: Lansing
  • Thursday 5/26/22
    Guess: She Has Gone Everywhere She Has Been
  • Wednesday 5/25/22
    Guess: Out The Front Door
  • Tuesday 5/24/22
    Guess: Mississippi