Friday, February 28, 2020
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Woman Hit With Taser Causes Explosion

Woman Hit With Taser Causes Funny Explosion

She got the wind knocked right out of her!  
This Kid Makes 6 Figures On YouTube

How Much Is This Teen Making On YouTube???

The most desired job by youth in America last year was to be a "YouTuber". While it doesn't sound as professional as a doctor or a lawyer, it makes sense why kids are drawn...
Virginity Is Cool

Virginity Is Cool – This May Be The Most Bizarre Thing You Watch Today

Just in case all you sinners haven't heard, virginity is cool and one man vows to spread the good word.  

The Vulgar Graffiti Vandals Of Tempe

There are some graffiti vandals in Tempe who are spraying all kinds of vulgar graffiti around the city & the locals aren't having it. Source: ABC15
Star Wars

The Saga: Star Wars with Tommy Wiseau

It's the Star Wars love story between Tommy Wiseau and Anakin Skywalker you never knew you needed and you'll, surely, never forget. Source: PistolShrimps
Worst Proposal

This Could Be The WORST Proposal Ever

A proposal should be something a happy couple remembers forever because, usually, it's a special moment. We're pretty sure this woman is going to remember how she was proposed to for all the wrong...
Smash Box All Star Remix

It’s The Smash Mouth ‘All Star’ Melon Remix You Never Knew You Needed

Ever thought, man I wish I could carve melons and squash into instruments so I could play 'All Star' but I don't know how?! Well, here's the video you've always needed. Never thought about...
Black Friday

People Are Going Mad Over Black Friday Deals

We thought the whole Black Friday chaos at big department stores was a dying thing... Well, this video from YouTube proves us all wrong. Please enjoy this montage of people going absolutely nuts for 2019...
This Jailhouse Makeup Tutorial Shows You How To Look Sexy In The Slammer

This Jailhouse Makeup Tutorial Shows You How To Look Sexy In The Slammer

You would think being in jail you wouldn't have to care what  you looked like but don't tell the ladies in there that! For some, makeup is just a confidence boost and if that's what...
YouTuber Helps People Fall Asleep With 'ASMR Boyfriend Roleplay'

YouTuber Helps People Fall Asleep With ‘ASMR Boyfriend Roleplay’

Are you lonely and just need the soothing sounds of a teen boy to relax you to help you fall asleep at night? Well this 17-year-old YouTuber is exactly who you need! Give a young boy...