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Ukrainian Border Guards Tell Russian Warship To “Go F*** Yourself” Before Getting Killed

Thirteen Ukrainian border guards are being hailed as heroes after they defiantly resisted a Russian warship that threatened their outpost at Snake Island. According to CNN, which obtained radio transmission of the event, a Russian military warship approached Snake Island and told the Ukrainian defenders to “lay down their weapons and surrender to avoid bloodshed and needless casualties.”

2022-02-25T07:49:49-05:00February 25th, 2022|

Watch This Guy Get Beaten With A Huge Sausage

In Vasylkiv, Ukraine a grocery store customer beat an employee with a large sausage he purchased. One report claims that it's because the employee wasn't wearing a mask and another report says it's because the customer couldn't purchase alcohol before 9 a.m.

2020-06-25T06:52:36-04:00June 25th, 2020|