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The Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show

Teen Gets Kidnapped Trying To Catch A Kidnapper

It's been a popular (stupid) trend lately for people to bring creeps and pedophiles to vigilante justice and this is a shining example of why it's a terrible idea. Usually it is the police who set up stings to catch predators but these three ...

2019-10-11T08:06:49-04:00October 11th, 2019|

What Is A VSCO Girl?

This morning we learned what a "VSCO Girl" is and it's...confusing. We get every generation has its trends the older generations don't understand but this is downright weird. Apparently all the trend is is just over-sized tee shirts, scrunchies, fancy water bottles and making ...

2019-09-30T08:33:40-04:00September 30th, 2019|