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The Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show
The Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show


Bank Robber Makes Total Rookie Mistake

When robbing a bank, we assume one of the first rules of bank robbing is to hide your identity but this guy is either ballsy or just dumb...we'll probably go with dumb. This dingus walked on into a bank ready to rob it with ...

2019-08-02T09:58:19-04:00August 2nd, 2019|

Kelly’s Poop Knife Investigation

Kelly borrowed a knife from Free Beer to cut her apple. She claims that she put it on the counter in the kitchen while she went to the bathroom and when she came back, it was gone. She then blamed everyone else on the ...

2019-08-02T08:00:00-04:00August 1st, 2019|

Woman Steals Back Her Own SUV From Thieves

This woman was clever enough to trick the tricksters. Except it was her own car! A woman in Missouri was picking up her daughter and only got out of her vehicle for a few moments before someone got in and sped off. She had ...

2019-07-16T06:24:57-04:00July 16th, 2019|

Mystery Mime Man Swindles Town During Village Carnival

A mime/self-proclaimed "Mystery Man" conned the people of a town in England recently turning their carnival into a manhunt! During the annual Woolaston Village Carnival, the "Mystery Man" went around in a black and white checkered morph suit charging people to guess who he ...

2019-06-27T07:06:41-04:00June 27th, 2019|