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The Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show

A Time Traveling Cyborg Is Here To Save Us From The Matrix

This guy looks just like any other high school graduate. Except he says he's got cybertronic legs and a robot brain. Also. He claims he was sent to earth by a "higher civilization" to save us from the Matrix.  

2020-02-03T07:51:33-05:00February 3rd, 2020|

Can You Pass This Fourth-Grade Science Quiz?

Look, if you can't pass this you may need to reconsider if you are an informed, functioning human being. Not to call anyone dumb, we understand it's been a while since you had to know the information presented in this quiz. However, if you can't ...

2019-11-04T07:32:32-05:00November 4th, 2019|

Loudest Bird Ever Doesn’t Even Sound Real

For all you headphone-wearers about to watch this, turn down the volume because we can't believe a sound this loud came from a bird! According to a study published recently in Current Biology, the Amazon rainforest's very own White Bellbird soars to the top for the title ...

2019-10-23T06:49:34-04:00October 23rd, 2019|