Sunday, September 26, 2021
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He Was Arrested For Having 181 Pounds Of Weed In His Car

He Was Arrested For Having 181 Pounds Of Weed In His Car

A Denver man was arrested in Nebraska when state troopers conducting a traffic stop found 181 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle.
Producer Joe's Pot Police

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Producer Joe’s Pot Police

Every week for Flashback Friday, we're posting classic audio and video clips from the show's past for Fancy Idiots only. Ah, the perks of being fancy! This week, we look back at the time that...
Kelly’s First Time Smoking Pot

Kelly’s First Time Smoking Pot

This morning, Kelly told us about the first time she smoked pot and got caught by Grandma Cheese, but got in trouble for something completely different.
Pot Shop Owner Defends Store From Robbers With Bear Spray

Pot Shop Owner UNLOADS Can Of Bear Spray On Robbers

Bear spray is some strong sh*%. Source: FOX Q13
Jimmy Kimmel Found Michigan's Favorite Stoner

Jimmy Kimmel Found Michigan’s Favorite Stoner

Jimmy Kimmel sent his team to the streets to interview stoners waiting 2 hours to get into a newly opened pot-shop right here in our home state of Michigan. The guy they interviewed is...