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Watch An Entire Family Struggle With This Gender Reveal

We're assuming this is also what the conception looked like when these two bozos made this poor child. They are whacking at this balloon like blindfolded children at a birthday party and it is not popping or going anywhere...except for up and away. Knocking ...

2019-10-07T09:22:00-04:00October 7th, 2019|

Gwyneth Paltrow Called Her Kids D***s On ‘Today’ Show

Look, we know better than a lot of people, sometimes things just slip out when they shouldn't! As far as the FCC is concerned, never have we ever had to utilize the "dump button"...especially where Kelly's concerned! Well on the "Today" show yesterday, Gwyneth ...

2019-09-27T07:53:06-04:00September 27th, 2019|