Friday, February 28, 2020
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Two Drunk Drivers Passed Out In Line At McDonalds

Sir, You Can’t Take A Nap In The Drive-Thru

How do you keep yourself occupied in the drive-thru? Rock paper scissors? Mad libs? How about a nice nap? Source: Detroit Free Press
Man Saved From Beam Impaling Him By Steering Wheel

A Steering Wheel, Yes A Steering Wheel, Saved This Mans Life

This is some S#!t from Final Destination! At the end of the day, this guy is lucky to be alive and he should probably go buy a lottery ticket if any of that luck...
Jimmy Kimmel Found Michigan's Favorite Stoner

Jimmy Kimmel Found Michigan’s Favorite Stoner

Jimmy Kimmel sent his team to the streets to interview stoners waiting 2 hours to get into a newly opened pot-shop right here in our home state of Michigan. The guy they interviewed is...