Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Philly's Own Geno's Steaks Unveils New Mascot!

Philly’s Own Geno’s Steaks Unveils New Mascot!

If there's one thing the people of Philly love more than the Eagles, it's a good mascot! Now, Geno's Steaks has introduced a new mascot and we've got to say...he's no gritty... Whizzy, is just a...
Free Beer and Hot Wings Free Beer Saw Some Huge Balls This Weekend

Free Beer Saw Some Huge Balls This Weekend

This morning, Free Beer told us about the massive balls he saw this weekend during his football broadcast. They were so huge that he couldn’t stop talking about them with his entire broadcast team!

Team Mascots Are All Insane And We Have Proof!

This morning, we were watching the video of the bat that was loose in the arena during the Pacers/Clippers game. We wondered why it was the mascot's responsibility to try and catch the bat,...