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Would You Take A ‘Unimoon’?

In the latest "things the internet says is trending but really isn't" we've discovered this thing called a "unimoon." So you know a honeymoon, a couple who just got married gets to take a load off from all that wedding stress and maybe take ...

2019-03-21T08:08:18-04:00March 21st, 2019|

Vermont Couple Ties The Knot At Walmart

This couple met working at Walmart and decided there was no better place to commit to each other forever! Yup, no better place... William and Joane clocked out of their shifts at their favorite local superstore and headed over to the floral department next to the ...

2019-02-15T09:44:46-05:00February 15th, 2019|

Tony Needs Some Marriage Proposal Advice

Tony called in this morning, needing some help with a marriage proposal to his girlfriend, who also happens to be his boss! We did our best to help him out with some great suggestions. Listen below and let us know how we did! ...

2019-02-15T07:22:38-05:00February 14th, 2019|