Friday, October 23, 2020
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Couple Accused Of Kidnapping A 3-Year Old Threaten To Sue Sheriff

A Couple Accused Of Kidnapping Now Threatens To Sue The Sheriff

Christopher Shapira and his wife Patricia Benitez were accused of attempting to kidnap a 3-year old girl when walking their dogs, and were recently cleared from the case. However, it wasn't without going through months of death threats and threats of physical harm.
There Is a Dognapper In San Fran

There’s a Dognapper In San Fran

Thieves smashed into this guy's car window, but they didn't steal his cell phone, laptop, or wallet...nope. They went for...the dog?! Source: ABC7
Uber Driver Kidnaps Passengers Chasing

An Uber Ride Turned Into Real Life Grand Theft Auto

You've probably had some strange Uber encounters in the past but nothing compares to this real life Grand Theft Auto auto experience this couple had. Source: CNN