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Watch out! It’s An OTTER ATTACK!

A 17-year-old girl let her dog out the back door and, BAM! The pup was face to face with an otter....and apparently these little critters are territorial. Source: WIS News10

2020-02-11T08:37:27-05:00February 11th, 2020|

Man Kills Coyote With Bare Hands

While hiking with his family, a coyote approached a man's son and grabbed the 2-year-old's jacket, pulling him to the ground. So Dad strangled it. Source: WMUR9

2020-01-23T07:56:00-05:00January 23rd, 2020|

BK Employee Attacked For Not Honoring Coupon

A man went a little too far when it comes to pinching pennies when he assaulted a Burger King employee for not honoring his coupon. The mother is apologetic and also very embarrassed. Being in jail makes it hard to spend money so maybe ...

2020-01-21T09:08:49-05:00January 21st, 2020|