Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Tyson Fury's Fight Prep Routine is... Unique

Tyson Fury’s Fight Prep Routine is…Unique

We've heard of some wild "get fit quick" tips but this is a new one. In a recent interview, Tyson Fury not only showed us his vocal talents, but also admitted to masturbating up...
Florida Woman Arrested for Making a Bomb in Walmart

Florida Woman Arrested for Making a Bomb in Walmart

Emily Stallard was arrested and charged with attempted arson, child abuse, battery on a law enforcement officer, and firebombing after attempting to build a bomb IN FRONT OF HER KID at a Walmart in...
Drunk Lady

A Drunk Lady Gets Busted Stealing Money At The Bar

A drunk lady got busted at the bar for trying to stealing someones money, she denied it, and then pulled a hit & run. But she didn't get very far. Now she's facing charges...
Christian Bale

Remember When Christian Bale Freaked Out On Set?

If you're a Christian Bale fan and you haven't seen this, you might not want to watch this but you 100% need to watch this. Bale absolutely lost it on set and someone from the...