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Russian Grad Amazed By Kindness of American Strangers

Graduation season is upon us and while, yes, it often seems we Americans have become pretty cynical, we sure love celebrating graduations of any kind. Whether its because of pride in the achievement itself or because it's a reason to party, we love it. ...

2023-05-31T06:47:08-04:00May 31st, 2023|

VIDIOT: Congrats On Your Graduation, Wyatt!

In our latest Vidiot for a listener, Chip wanted us to congratulate his son Wyatt on his recent college graduation! For a limited time, we're accepting requests for personal video endorsements. We’re calling them Vidiots, because video+idiot=… well, you get it. Math. If ...

2021-05-25T12:00:01-04:00May 21st, 2021|