Monday, May 25, 2020
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Parent Asked To Leave Child's School Because Of Outfit

Parent Asked To Leave Child’s School Because Of Outfit

School dress codes for students (sometimes) make sense, but to regulate those students' parents? It's been happening more and more and now this mom in Houston was not allowed to enter and register her 15-year-old...
Attention Denim Aficionados: Levi's CEO Admits He Hasn't Washed Jeans In 10 Years

Attention Denim Aficionados: Levi’s CEO Admits He Hasn’t Washed Jeans In 10 Years

As Levi Strauss is going public again, CEO and president Chip Bergh has some tips on how to care for your jeans! Back in 2014, Bergh grossed some people out by admitting he had never...