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If You Find This Dude a Date He’ll Pay You $25K

Animal lover, solid smile, in shape, adventurous and desperate are just a few words to describe this guy. He is offering $25,000 to anyone who can find him a "long term girlfriend." Playing cupid apparently pays well these days. He even has his own ...

2020-02-11T08:39:47-05:00February 11th, 2020|

Man Finds $43,000 in Couch and Returns the Money

A man bought a couch from a Habitat for Humanity and noticed it was a little uncomfortable. When he opened the cushion, he found $43,000 in CASH. Being an extremely noble man, he tracked down the person who donated the couch and returned the ...

2020-01-20T09:23:10-05:00January 20th, 2020|