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Man On Meth Arrested After Attacking His Mattress

A 37-year-old "Florida Man" was high on meth recently when he attacked a mattress thinking someone was inside. Felipe Oquendo thought his girlfriend was cheating on him and hiding the guy in her mattress. Oquendo locked the door, wouldn't let his girlfriend leave and ...

2019-04-29T07:14:34-04:00April 29th, 2019|

Tulsa Police Arrest Man Who Stole School Bus

A Tulsa Public Scools bus driver was free of kids for a bit so he decided to stop the bus over at a QuikTrip where this dude decided he would go ahead and steal it! The driver for some reason thought it was a ...

2019-04-17T06:47:51-04:00April 17th, 2019|