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Need a group of idiots to put in a good word for you?

We’re your crew!

For a limited time, the FBHW morning show is accepting requests for personal video endorsements. We’re calling them Vidiots, because video+idiot=… well, you get it. Math.

If you need a professional reference, we have you covered. In trouble with your SO? We can help. Wanna send a special birthday shoutout to that friend you haven’t seen in forever? Done.

Whatever it is you need us to communicate for you, we’ll do it.

The best part (besides being talked up by yours truly)? All the proceeds, yes, 100% OF THE PROCEEDS, go to support Idiots for Underdogs. We don’t keep a dime.

To order a FBHW Vidiot of your very own, just add this to the cart and check out. Be sure to share all the details we need to make you out to be the stud you are.

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