00:00 – Football player sneaks into an NFL tryout
12:09 – The strangest things found in a human body
27:22 – Name That Blank: Wiping Ass with Biscuits edition
39:33 – CWTTAB, drunk friends passing out
58:00 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:12:57 – The band name they started with and the ones you know them by now
1:22:54 – FBHW Report – Pulled gun at Popeyes, sheep rams camera, Joe on sports
1:40:16 – Have you experienced the imp of the perverse?
1:52:33 – Steve irritated a lot of people on social media while we were on vacation
2:02:38 – The worst music festival in history
2:21:32 – FBHW Report – Vegan sues, A-Rod on even leads, Bill Hader can’t run
2:30:45 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:42:07 – What would you go back in time and stop from being invented?
2:59:20 – FBHW Report – Flirty the horse, minor leaguer called up to the big leagues
3:10:31 – Who is tracking the porn you are watching?, what we learned today
3:19:51 – Local GR: R.I.P. Lee Van Ameyde
3:36:08 – Segment 17: Government Waste, Aging Rock Stars And Facts Of The Day