00:00 – Drunk guy eats a potato but swears it’s a pear
15:12 – Would you stay at the clown hotel?
30:19 – Man chainsaws a neighbor’s tree down because of sap
39:35 – Around the room, Steve has a new medical diagnosis, it’s Kelly’s birthday
56:02 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:07:04 – There’s a donkey fire in Maine!
1:22:14 – FBHW Report – Stuck with surrogate baby, Disney sued by Knievel family
1:36:37 – A guy built a crazy mancave, what was your big pandemic accomplishment?
1:51:10 – A round of Random Questions Part 1
1:59:00 – Around the room, a round of Random Questions Part 2
2:17:57 – FBHW Report – Rodgers is happy, Schitt’s Creek, weatherman blunder
2:29:17 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:39:20 – Around the room, should doctors be allowed to be this horny?
2:57:35 – A hog cyclone is coming to kill you!
3:05:58 – Soothing narration, a jackpot winner blew the money, what we learned
3:19:39 – Local GR: A former ArtPrize staffer fears that it’s never coming back
3:27:34 – Segment 17: A Gym Fart, Restaurant Freak-Out, Gen Z Tattoos And Facts Of The Day