00:00 – Free Beer’s Ice Cream Game
15:26 – How did pop culture ruin your name?
28:14 – The origin of Shingles Steve
39:34 – Phrases we all hate, we seem to be missing someone this morning
58:12 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:12:35 – An incredibly inspiring speech from quadruple amputee Travis Mills
1:21:31 – Travis’ sister lives in the area and calls in!
1:29:27 – FBHW Report – Nail in heart, lady vs. Boris Johnson, kangaroo bucket head
1:45:11 – A man falls asleep at the wheel, Free Beer’s what would you do scenario
1:57:59 – Kelly’s upcoming European trip, Joe is finally here!, Am I gross?
2:18:36 – More “Am I gross” texts, FBHW Report – Fortnite addiction, elk bugling
2:28:52 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:41:12 – A snobby Facebook post about Halloween candy
2:56:03 – Joe may have been too harsh to a woman he just met
3:10:58 – David Harbour calls the Duffer bros to ask about Hopper, what we learned
3:18:23 – Local GR: Some talk about the weather and the seasons
3:24:45 – Segment 17: Kelly LaCroix, Family Christmas Gifts And Facts Of The Day