Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    Free Beer and Hot Wings Podcast

    00:00 – The weed store wedding
    14:52 – Hot Wings’ son Liam is a herbivore
    30:38 – Are you orbiting someone?
    39:36 – Free Beer got a radio compliment from a friend, Shane plugs his podcast
    1:00:32 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
    1:10:57 – The fake viral videos that we all fell for in the past
    1:20:52 – Nunchucks are now legal in Arizona!, a look back at Afro ninja
    1:38:57 – FBHW Report – Stolen truck full of caskets, Hot Wings on car colors
    1:56:40 – More talk about Joe’s first car
    2:04:47 – Lots of people get high at work, calls from people who are high at work
    2:20:56 – FBHW Report – Aggressive turkeys, kid lost weight by walking to school
    2:30:18 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
    2:40:34 – The true story behind the infamous sky penis with a dramatic reenactment
    3:02:00 – A listener needs some advice about a threesome with his significant other
    3:10:55 – A group of kids show incredible empathy, what we learned today
    3:19:50 – Local GR: We might be able to see the Northern Lights!
    3:23:50 – Segment 17: Kid Texts, Animojis, New Pringles And Facts Of The Day