00:00 – Have you stolen someone’s lunch?
18:45 – A strip club is giving away free couches
30:01 – They found jars of human tongues in the house
39:46 – Around the room, depressing songs, Scott’s motivating call
58:17 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:11:37 – A blind guy wasn’t given a citizenship test in Braille
1:24:40 – FBHW Report – Spike Lee is a baby, A-rod rips Astros, Rizzo trolls Astros
1:38:36 – Top 10 video games that people want to become movies
1:52:49 – Some movie talk, Free Beer’s Ice Cream Game
2:01:29 – Around the room, Steve forgot his dog, a great frisbee scene
2:20:53 – FBHW Report – Shaq’s hairline, fireworks from a car, Snacks hits a three
2:30:54 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:40:46 – Around the room, songs to brush your teeth to, Kelly’s Hot Wings karaoke
2:59:03 – Car on a trampoline, pizza shop puts shelter dogs on their boxes
3:09:04 – Woman pets a moose, napping construction worker scared, what we learned
3:19:08 – Local GR: Apparently it takes water to grow marijuana
3:29:02 – Segment 17: Valvano’s Speech, Sbubby, Mad Grandma And Facts Of The Day