00:00 – Teacher arrested for doing drugs before school
15:28 – Joe bought a snake
29:59 – A mascot smashes through a window at a kid’s birthday party
39:35 – Around the room, Joe wants to watch his neighbor’s dog, Steve wants to sew
56:49 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:09:09 – The most Chicago Nana ever, flight attendant’s coronavirus stories
1:19:16 – What are you judge about?
1:37:43 – Joe somehow injured himself while cooking a prepper meal last night
1:50:10 – Sesame Street vs. The Muppets: Who would win in a street fight?
2:02:59 – Why the preppers weren’t prepared for the coronavirus
2:21:06 – FBHW Report – Knucklehead charged, Tom Hanks sea lion, gender reveal
2:29:19 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:40:23 – Around the room
2:53:38 – A big announcement about Friday night, an astronaut’s advice for isolation
3:09:11 – An update on Boober Eats, what we learned today
3:21:34 – Local GR: A guy who crashed his aircraft is recovering
3:31:52 – Segment 17: Radio Talk, Some Fun Videos And Facts Of The Day