1. Dumber Than The Show – Board Game Nerd Edition
2. Tim Tebow bet update and Jessica Simpson’s foot
3. The baddest blank
4. Joe is sick and not coming in today, horrible weather here at the home base
5. Dumber Than Hot Wings Trivia replay
6. A New York truck driver is the happiest lottery winner ever
7. FBHW Report – School canceled Hallelujah song, breaking news from Derek!
8. FBHW Report – Firefighters shovel snow, jail over laundry detergent, snake ass bite
9. The strangest things that people have done for science
10. Let the coin decide!
11. FBHW Report – 911 for math help, Belichick selfie, Gyllenhaal corrects director
12. Dumber Than Hot Wings Trivia
13. Our radio friends had a crazy scenario with a contest winner
14. A woman complained loudly after being seated between two large people on a plane
15. Super Bowl Trivia!, what we learned today