00:00 – Free Beer and Hot Wings try Kelly’s gross smoothie
12:58 – Clam/octopus viral video and llama walks
26:53 – The world’s worst stutterer and other worsts
39:36 – Joe’s morning of chaos, Jimbo isn’t sure about going to a fan’s wedding
58:13 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:12:21 – Cuckold Jimbo calls in to give us an update on his situation
1:22:45 – There’s a baby shower for Annette and Steve at the radio station today
1:37:54 – Firefighters had to rescue a man who tried to rescue a cat from a tree
1:49:57 – Free Beer’s What Would You Do parenting question
2:01:58 – Man throws sign through window, What were you kicked out of Part 1
2:16:07 – What were you kicked out of Part 2
2:27:45 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:39:44 – A cuddler accused of putting her nipple in a client’s mouth for five minutes
2:56:58 – A Pennywise the Clown doll floated into a woman’s yard and she burned it
3:06:39 – Time capsule opened, exploding porta-john, new Matrix, what we learned
3:19:05 – Local GR: White Cloud cancels Varsity football season
3:23:34 – Segment 17: Pokemon, Old Teachers, Flat-Earthers And Facts Of The Day