00:00 – How often do you change your underwear?
17:37 – A couple fakes a pregnancy and birth for presents
30:38 – Machete clowns vs. a scooter couple
39:18 – Around the room, Steve is STILL here, Maitlynn’s sister has a boyfriend
53:18 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay, a test round of Party Encore
1:09:33 – What are the worst things about working in an office?
1:23:14 – FBHW Report – A woman is in danger of losing her three therapy monkeys
1:35:12 – Party Encore
1:49:59 – Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person?
2:01:06 – Kelly’s house may actually be haunted after the latest evidence
2:18:22 – An awkward email, FBHW Report – Dead man at store, Sienna commercial
2:29:17 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:39:46 – Facebook might know the last time you had sex based on your pictures
2:57:39 – FBHW Report – College kid’s beer money fundraiser, OBJ TD, fake snake
3:08:22 – Skip Bayless is awful, what we learned today
3:18:08 – Local GR: Hippie’s Chippies is not rebranded Charley’s Chips
3:30:11 – Segment 17: Famous Manhunt, Chores, A Volleyball Block And Facts Of The Day