00:00 – A round of Party Encore
13:48 – The most underrated BLANK is BLANK
27:17 – What would you do for a raise?
39:34 – Hot Wings animal dodging, Kelly’s kickball game, Boris is a bad story teller
57:07 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:09:07 – We learn some new words that we don’t believe people actually use
1:21:21 – FBHW Report – Groom robs bank, hurricane dog, , some Uber driver stories
1:34:38 – A woman claims that a dog shot her but the story is unbelievable
1:46:23 – Jimmy Dean Sausage complaint call, the creepy ways men hit on women
2:02:37 – More of the creepy ways men hit on women
2:20:01 – FBHW Report – Drive thru bickering, flute theft, UFOs of NC coast
2:30:55 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:41:56 – What are you paying for that you aren’t using?
2:58:52 – Free Beer’s kids got themselves in big trouble yesterday
3:12:19 – It’s pizza time!, guy fired but keeps getting paychecks, what we learned
3:19:16 – Local GR: GVSU’s awful hail Mary call,
3:32:53 – Segment 17: An Expensive Tweet, An MMA Badass And Facts Of The Day