00:00 – I was so bored I BLANK
12:45 – Hot Wings won’t show us his wallet
27:29 – What’d you do online before social media?
39:35 – Kelly and Stuart are going to Europe at Christmas
57:52 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:09:53 – A funny name in Free Beer’s broadcast this weekend
1:19:07 – FBHW Report – Invisibility cloak, high school hack, football season canceled
1:33:29 – Close mother and daughter relationships on the TV show “sMothered”
1:47:17 – How are you smothered by your mother?
2:02:18 – A birthday party broken up by SWAT, how was your birthday ruined?
2:18:26 – FBHW Report – Tornado witness, jail time for trick-or-treating, sad Eagles fan
2:30:50 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:40:54 – Mini human brains are being implanted into animals
2:56:07 – A penalty battle last night, the last Star Wars trailer
3:09:23 – Halloween news puns, Jerry O’Connell tortures his kids, what we learned
3:18:42 – Local GR: Mitten Pizza has reached a deal and won’t have to close!
3:24:22 – Segment 17: Free Beer And Amanda Teach Swearing And Facts Of The Day