00:00 – The ABC Game
15:37 – Dealer’s Choice – The Used Car Board Game
28:19 – What would you do if someone mailed you drugs?
39:33 – Hot Wings yelled at a teenager last night, the new Peleton mirror
1:02:41 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:15:02 – The awkwardness from one of our job applicants’ interviews
1:24:36 – FBHW Report – Shaq’s monologue, Jay Pharoah’s impression, police fail test
1:38:39 – The best selling one hit wonders of all time
1:53:22 – Looking back at the classic “he died” clip
2:01:24 – Sexperts predict the next big sex trends for women
2:17:44 – FBHW Report – Cat survives wash cycle, 7-year-old from Avengers bullied
2:28:38 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:39:58 – Today is the anniversary for a classic Joe stunt
3:00:29 – A sports radio guy in Kansas City takes a run at Andy Reid’s dead son
3:11:41 – Woman leaves kid at McDonald’s to go to the casino, what we learned
3:22:00 – Local GR: Hot Wings left early, Christine joins us to talk Teen Mom
3:31:45 – Segment 17: Kelly’s Interview, Chat Roulette And Facts Of The Day