1. Scottish clans and Peter, Paul and Chester
2. Giant snowman instant karma
3. Common sense quiz
4. More Slobby Robby talk, we solicit for and actually get CWTTAB calls!
5. Dumber Than Hot Wings Trivia replay
6. Foods in German stores that are branded as ‘American’
7. FBHW Report – Canada goose jackets, Brady will play, 10-year-old awesome bowler
8. Artie Lange describes what happened to his nose
9. We want to hear your ‘story of a lifetime’
10. Howie Mandel questions and we somehow get into a discussion about Willy Wonka
11. Lottery winners reveal how they beat the system to win millions
12. Housekeeper stuck in elevator, Matthew Mcconaughey doesn’t remember nudity
13. Dumber Than Hot Wings Trivia
14. A guy has the same cheap truck he bought 40 years ago, How are you cheap Part 1
15. How are you cheap Part 2, bad movies, what we learned today