1. Kenny G’s ranch trumpet of terror
2. Moose food and banana phones
3. Mortality vs. Money
4. We take a deep dive into the history of our last names
5. Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
6. Would you lie and steal if you knew you’d get away with it?
7. Some more scenarios from the last segment
8. FBHW Report – Cop lets couple make out, kid’s search history, Knight Rider reboot
9. Hot Wings still on the defensive, Grandpa supposedly eats half a quart of paint
10. Last Chance U coach resigns, an update on the Burger King lawsuit
11. FBHW Report – Fish in the outfield, butthurt play-by-play guy insults players
12. Dumber Than The Show Trivia
13. Who’s your workplace enemy?
14. A man plans to live in a hotel instead of a retirement community
15. Nervous Tony Hawk, former NFL player living in a van, what we learned today
16. (Local GR) – Mayor Bliss’ state of the city address
17. (BONUS) –