00:00 – What’s a bit you look back and cringe at?
11:35 – Delivery girl takes a noticeable bite of customer’s food
23:45 – Your best and worst knockoff product stories
39:36 – A funny AGT reaction, Janebo needs some FUPA advice
57:55 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:09:34 – A person returned the ketchup they stole to a Perkins restaurant
1:19:15 – FBHW Report – Dildo Canada, dog finds dildo, Costas on fame, dirt scam
1:32:50 – What do women value in a long-term partner?
1:48:45 – We learn about the Simulation Football League, Truck Simulator is a thing
2:04:29 – Some more simulator talk, Kelly grossed Joe out over the weekend
2:20:06 – FBHW Report – A WW2 era explosive dropped off at Goodwill
2:29:11 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:40:08 – We draw songs for tomorrow’s round of Jelly Donut Karaoke
2:59:36 – Flash your boobs for a discount, automated voice prank
3:09:53 – An NFL rookie’s funny quote, karaoke practice, what we learned today
3:20:28 – Local GR: MSU’s third jerseys, today is Election Day
3:32:00 – Segment 17: Truck Simulator, Kevin Smith And Facts Of The Day