00:00 – There’s a groper on the dolphin cruise
12:14 – Mr. X has a new conspiracy theory
27:03 – Throwing cheese at babies is the new viral trend
39:33 – Joe’s potty problems, Maitlynn learned about balls, gambling addiction
56:58 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:10:00 – A growing number of people are giving up showering
1:24:26 – Kelly’s Chik-Fil-A song, Maitlynn will now write a Burger King song
1:37:04 – Cheese sandwiches, finger snapping, what to do if you livestream sex
1:51:26 – Why couldn’t you date one of us from the show?
2:02:48 – Free Beer met the dumbest person he’s ever met yesterday
2:17:36 – FBHW Report – The worst pitch ever from the first episode of Shark Tank
2:32:02 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:42:50 – The Millennial Movie Quote Game
3:00:53 – A man with a TV on his head is dropping off old TVs on random porches
3:12:45 – Maitlynn sings us her Burger King spoof song, what we learned today
3:19:28 – Local GR: Mountain Dew’s UP flavor, campground in trouble for being shady
3:30:54 – Segment 17: Advice For Jimbo, Cousin Talk And Facts Of The Day