00:00 – The Gary Bean dog-stealing obituary
12:15 – A kid UT fan gets bullied and the university comes through for him
28:42 – Joe has an etiquette question
39:35 – Still no baby Steve, Kelly’s house ghost update
53:27 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:06:00 – Two Amish guys were drinking and driving and managed to escape
1:17:57 – FBHW Report – A mountain lion ends up in an old couple’s dirty home
1:35:11 – Baseball Palindromes in honor of palindrome week
1:49:57 – We make our picks for week 3 of the NFL bet
1:59:51 – A father has to deliver his son in a bath tub at home
2:12:43 – FBHW Report – Dice spill, DLR takes all credit, boys trash can themselves
2:25:15 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:37:51 – Super Fight: Darth Vader vs. Canada
3:01:29 – A crazy restaurant owner leaves hilarious replies to Yelp reviews
3:12:03 – A gross cake, a woman set her old love letters on fire, what we learned today
3:19:06 – Local GR: Thanks to Hippies Chippies, HopCat stops by with fries
3:27:12 – Trampoline Talk, Dice Pube And Facts Of The Day