00:00 – The 2019 Ignoble awards
13:22 – A ref got hit in the face with a cannon and a man kissed a reporter
26:30 – Joe Donor the traveling baby maker
39:34 – Joe learned all about sex from his friends Sean and Garfield
59:44 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:11:03 – A woman is living now as a 50s housewife
1:20:37 – FBHW Report – Woman rescues bobcat, Belichick in the hot tub, beer slam
1:34:16 – A guy lied about a carjacking to cover up his affair, your bad coverups
1:49:18 – The Acronym Alternative Game
1:58:46 – The Acronym Alternative Game
2:13:35 – FBHW Report – Tesla keyed, man does split during sobriety test
2:27:05 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:41:07 – How did pop culture ruin your name?
2:56:14 – We make our picks for week 5 of the NFL bet
3:06:56 – A bunch of feel-good stories to end the show, what we learned today
3:18:54 – Local GR: Free Beer’s field trip, Jenison man wants to use home as a B&B
3:35:32 – Segment 17: Shaq, Dog Poop, Class Action Park And Facts Of The Day