1. A squirrel with balls and a very talented giraffe
2. Pittsburgh has a rooster problem
3. The most popular toys by year
4. Maitlynn cried at work yesterday, bad customer service stories
5. Dumber Than Hot Wings Trivia replay
6. A man is sad that his pet gator is now gone
7. FBHW Report – Missing lottery ticket found, Bill Belichick actually shows emotion
8. Bill Belichick dresses up as a roller skating pirate
9. Harmonizer Confessional
10. Harmonizer Confessional
11. FBHW Report – Moms brawl at a bus stop, redneck’s fan boat pushes their truck
12. Dumber Than Hot Wings Trivia
13. Joe just realized he was doing something disgusting to himself
14. A kid has stolen his parent’s car multiple times
15. Who stole their parent’s car and got away with it?, what we learned today