Thursday, May 16, 2019

    Free Beer and Hot Wings Podcast

    00:00 – Hot Wings’ dry crotch and pound town
    13:46 – When is it OK to pretend you’re not married?
    30:14 – Woman wins $1 million on a scratch-off ticket
    39:33 – Our makeovers today, we look back at the Not Necessarily Gay Calendar
    1:01:17 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
    1:11:33 – A guy was fed up with a business’ long grass so he cut it
    1:20:06 – A dramatic reenactment of the Navy’s sky penis
    1:38:39 – The makeup application has begun!, the sexiest accents in the country
    1:51:12 – We’re becoming oh so pretty with our makeovers!
    2:03:10 – Dale Jr.’s story about nearly ruining things with his wife
    2:15:56 – FBHW Report – Lawyer’s poop check, Chipper story, Tiger on Daly
    2:28:02 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
    2:38:29 – The actual audio from the penis in the sky, voting is now open!
    2:56:37 – A farmer had to cut his own leg off
    3:09:17 – Free Beer saw a man get yelled at, the poll results, what we learned today
    3:19:52 – Local GR: The most dangerous intersections in GR
    3:28:04 – Segment 17: Trevor Visits, Makeovers And The Pretty Boy Discount