1. Free Beer gifted some Cumbros and a man gets stuck in Fat Man’s Pass
2. A guy breaks into a house with a meat cleaver and pipe
3. A rogue pig and we try to convince Joe to get a pet pig
4. Free Beer is the cool dad who doesn’t buckle the kid’s seatbelts
5. Dumber Than Hot Wings Trivia replay
6. The world’s first sex robot for women
7. FBHW Report – Bush eulogy, woman says Bush is happy in heaven about the XFL
8. FBHW Report – ABC’s inappropriate commentary during Bush’s funeral
9. We attempt to adjust the harmonizer and chaos ensues
10. Harmonizer Confessional
11. Harmonizer Confessional
12. Dumber Than Hot Wings Trivia
13. A seven-year-old kid made bank on YouTube videos last year
14. Man erects a massive middle finger, woman backs into her husband
15. A crazy medical miracle, what we learned today