01:12 – Producer Joe’s trip to Gary, Indiana for the Michael Jackson memorial
17:14 – The Wiener Brothers’ first day
21:26 – Mad Marchness highlights
***Highlights from the First Free Beer and Hot Wings show from March 3, 1997***
47:41 – The first break on the air from 3/3/97
49:14 – A woman calls in to promote a show by a band that no one knows
50:46 – The show is an equal housing lender
51:53 – Producer Stoney is introduced to describe the game He Said She Said
53:40 – The Omaha Racers staff calls in to play a game
56:56 – Stoney’s hilarious parody commercial
59:20 – Michaela calls in and Free Beer drops a sweet hair joke
1:00:54 – Free Beer channels his inner Otto the bus driver
1:01:07 – Hot Wings the Sunday driver, Mall of America and hookers
1:02:04 – FBHW closing music circa 2000