00:00 – Bam Margera kicked off a plane for being awful
17:07 – Free Beer’s drunk karate neighbor
29:12 – An expert on Fox claims pepper spray is safe to eat
39:35 – Kelly and Maitlynn’s haunted house, still no baby for Steve, NFL bet update
55:32 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:07:43 – Hot Wings brought in some show and tell from his parent’s storage unit
1:19:38 – FBHW Report – Rick Ocasek/Eddie Money dead, Trebek says genre weird
1:33:41 – Lots of audio from the roast of Alec Baldwin that aired over the weekend
1:45:04 – Free Beer witnessed something that would’ve made Joe barf this weekend
1:58:39 – Maitlynn’s new BFF, Kelly’s friend ate dog treats, the gross things you ate
2:15:49 – Free Beer’s celebrity sighting, FBHW Report – Emotional support clown
2:30:14 – Some more celebrity guesses, Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:41:41 – Name That Tune
2:58:48 – FBHW Report – Fake mass shooting, Bob Green supercut, queens trucker
3:11:25 – Joe peed on a friend’s couch, a woman swallowed her ring, what we learned
3:21:30 – Local GR: Quick sports update, a local lost dog has been found
3:38:59 – Segment 17: Civics Quiz, Kelly’s Nap And Facts Of The Day