00:00 – Free Beer busted his bike at a Little Caesars
12:42 – Guy calls cop to burp and a bird falling video
25:24 – How many germs are on your shoes?
39:35 – Steve’s corn maze diaper change, Kelly’s crystals, Joe the incestuous pervert
59:52 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:11:22 – Sure signs you shouldn’t eat at a restaurant
1:22:40 – FBHW Report – Deer crashes into salon, jail time for missing jury duty
1:35:17 – A woman’s gross tribute to her father on her wedding day
1:50:11 – Joe needs to use Clarence the dog as a tool to get ladies
2:02:27 – Some tooth fairy discussion
2:18:53 – FBHW Report – Winkler/Hanks feud, Scorsese on Marvel, gender reveal fail
2:31:46 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:42:45 – Name That Tune
2:58:46 – FBHW Report – Oregon player trucks fan, parents turn in daughter
3:09:11 – Giving up smartphones for a year, a parenting question, what we learned
3:19:40 – Local GR: The lost Pulaski Days audio was miraculously found
3:37:09 – Segment 17: Old Fashion, Robert Kraft, Bankrupt Businesses And Facts Of The Day