00:00 – Things that make you an old person
12:41 – At what age do you peak socially?
28:33 – More parents fist fighting at a little league game
39:35 – Around the room
56:02 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:07:39 – An update on the NFL bet, some audio from the AMAs last night
1:19:37 – FBHW Report – Prayers for Nick, fake pizza order, robber falls, Coach O
1:36:53 – Fancy Idiot Janebo has a show code confession
1:48:13 – College Gameday does a deep dive on the best memes from the past
2:01:04 – An 82-year-old badass lady beat the crap out of home intruder
2:11:26 – FBHW Report – Sacha Baron Cohen on Facebook, the great Orlando fart
2:24:57 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:37:58 – Name That Tune
2:57:12 – 102-year-old releases a record, deer in nail salon, Gronk on Brady
3:10:40 – Name That Tune leftovers, what we learned today
3:18:27 – Local GR: A banana car is making its way across the country
3:25:39 – Segment 17: Costco, An Insult For Free Beer And Facts Of The Day