00:00 – Artie Lange’s story on Joe Rogan’s podcast
15:10 – Hot Wings found a ton of Free Beer word scrambles on a hard drive
27:07 – Burn ban burger
39:33 – Around the room, Free Beer saw the Kim and Kanye chaos in Houston
53:23 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia replay
1:07:02 – Employees fired because they ate a ham sandwich on the job
1:18:23 – FBHW Report – Chuck E. Cheese is retiring their animatronic animals
1:32:08 – It’s time once again for the Holiday Break-in!
1:48:00 – Man builds a Furby organ, a fire hydrant in Bozeman is missing
2:00:54 – Joe learned about Mormons and Steve’s daughter’s first diaper blowout
2:17:54 – FBHW Report – Singing drive-thur order, drunk driving kid, old man Wilson
2:28:15 – Dumber Than The Show Trivia
2:40:48 – Name That Tune
2:56:24 – Matt Damon yelled at, makeup samples are disgusting
3:07:44 – A car smashed through a Hallmark store, TV talk, what we learned today
3:17:03 – Local GR: Brian Vander Ark in studio
3:45:41 – Segment 17: Things Dads Say, Showbiz Pizza And Facts Of The Day